Help save the Kiwi

New Zealand’s national bird is in danger!

Kiwi Water is committed to helping save the kiwi from extinction. For every bottle of Kiwi Water sold, a percentage of profits is donated to a designated organisation that helps protect our precious Kiwi Bird.

You, too, can help save the kiwi and other New Zealand native animals and plants. Choose pure Kiwi Water, and donate directly to Forest and Bird on its website.

The Kiwi identity

Internationally it’s well recognised that New Zealanders are known as Kiwis – this nickname is derived not from the widely exported furry-skinned kiwifruit, but from our unique flightless, nocturnal bird.

Our identity as a nation is indelibly linked to the kiwi, denoting individuality and a humble strength of character – hence the name of our premium spring water company!

Maori named the bird kiwi, perhaps for its distinctive call, and treasure it as a creature of the forest floor as well as for its feathers, which adorn the cloaks of very important people. The kiwi has the special protection of Tane Mahuta – god of the forest.

Sadly,  this hasn’t been enough to protect kiwi from introduced predators, and they are now our most endangered native bird. The range of the kiwi has been reduced by 20% in recent years due to predators like stoats and weasels.